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The 48 Hour Film Slam at the Green Mountain Film Fest

03/13/2014 05:51PM ● By Ryan Frisch

Want to produce your own film?

The 4th annual Green Mountain 48-Hour Film Slam pits team against team in a hair-raising bid to make the best short film in...48 hours. The freshly minted movies are then rushed to the theater and screened in order of arrival before a live audience. Filmmakers, slightly dazed, are on hand for Q&A. Winners are chosen by a jury and generous prizes awarded courtesy of the Doran Family Foundation.

See the slideshows below for images from the first 2 film slams!


How it Works

Our amazing master of ceremonies - Ben T. Matchstick - opens the kick-off event with the logistics of what is about to happen. Teams get a prop, location and phrase they HAVE to include in their film. In addition they get to spin a wheel and choose their genre. Once all of this has been assigned to the teams, they are off on a whirl-wind, no sleep weekend where they must write, act, produce, shoot and edit a short film (they range from 5-10 minutes), and then screen their film in front of a live audience. Sounds easy....but they only have 48 hours in which to do it! 

This event is really an amazing kick-off to the festival. It generates a lot of buzz and excitement. Instead of just coming to the festival to see films, audiences have the ability to see a short film get made - they could pass the set while walking downtown, or be asked to be an extra. And then on Sunday night, our audiences get to see all of the hard work that was done by the teams - they get judged, and prizes given out. It is an exhaustive weekend for our film teams, but rewarding at the same time. They get to show their films to a sold-out crowd (historically the first screening of the film slam has sold out, as well as near sell-out 2nd showing). This event helps electrify our festival and our audiences get excited to see films during the rest of the week. 

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