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More Seaons Greetings from the Community

12/23/2014 03:30PM ● By Ryan Frisch
From our family to yours we wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season and pass along these good thoughts, wishes and tidings from the community!

Happy Holidays!

Donna Rouleau says “My entire family and friends!”

Danielle Mcmichael says “Wyatt and Colby McMichael. You two will always be the best gift I've ever received. <3”

Leslie Santamore says “Merry xmas mya and gabby ♥ mom”

Sue Jorgensen says “Merry Christmas!”

Heather Lanphear says “Merry Christmas, Kendra!”

Julie Fart says “happy holidays to the Farrs as well as wrights!”

Cindy Therrien says “I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas”

Robyn Joy Peirce says “Happy holidays, Sammy cat!”

Cathy Craige says “Merry Christmas Dave”

Penny Touchette says “Merry Christmas to one and all.”

Robyn Joy Peirce says “It's our first December together, YyoLlo - Cheers! <3”

Margaret Becker says “Merry Christmas Doug!”

Michael Coffin says “all of Vermont”

Desiree Kaiser says “I love you JRC”

Halie Gates says “Tiffany Pezzimenti”

Christine Martindale says “Merry Christmas :)”

Lynn Rollins says “Brittany Willis”

Margaret Becker says “Merry Christmas Doug”

Christina Pace says “Susan Becker ~~ Merry Christmas!  Thank you for sharing this chance to win.  Love you”

Beth Cody says “Dalton Cody our son!”

Donna Murphy says “Happy holidays Art and Vi!!  I miss you so very much and wish we were together to celebrate!!”

Christine Martindale says “Sonya Bourne Merry Christmas!!!!”


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