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Setting Up for School Success

07/26/2016 04:33AM ● Published by Family Features

(Family Features) It’s that time of year again when college students everywhere begin to shift gears from summer fun to study mode. Every school year is an opportunity to start fresh, make new friends and, most importantly, learn in and outside the classroom.

Pop icon and entrepreneur MC Hammer gave the commencement speech at his son’s high school graduation, offering tips for the class of 2016 as they embark on their next phase –college. Hammer shares his three foundations for college and beyond:   

Space: Whether in a dorm room or an apartment, don't let small, shared quarters cramp your style. Create an inspirational yet efficient space ideal for studying and relaxing.

  • Allow your environment to move you. Hammer has always found that the best work comes from a space that inspires you. Transform your dorm space with photos, quotes and posters that spark creativity and spur focus. If your dorm is full of distractions, find quiet and concentration in the library or local coffee shop.
  • Don’t lose your deposit. “Nailing it” is great when acing a test, but not when it comes to hanging things in your dorm room. Put down the hammer and create a space that inspires you by using damage-free Command Brand products – they won’t leave nail holes in your walls when it’s time to move out. 

People: College is about creating lifelong friendships and starting a professional network. Surround yourself with good people and value those relationships above all else.

  • Remember and use names. Remembering names can be hard, especially when you are consistently meeting new people – professors, RAs, study groups and friends. Make a conscious decision to associate new people you meet with their names. Try repeating the name in your head or associating the person with a story to help you remember it.
  • Get involved. Join a club, play an intramural sport or volunteer with a local charity. By seeking out activities, you give yourself a chance to learn outside of the classroom while also building your resume.

Passions: Never lose your appetite to know more, learn more or do more.

  • Read. Read everything, including publications that discuss business, politics, education, science, culture – the more you know, the more successful you’ll be. By diversifying your reading materials, you may unearth new passions you never knew existed.
  • Learn that opposites often attract. Some of the most confident and successful people are skilled in a variety of subjects that seemingly don’t match – like music and artificial intelligence. You’ll be surprised by how you can pair your knowledge and interests together to create something unique and marketable.

Get more back to college tips from MC Hammer at

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