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A look at Tradewind Aviation's CJ3

09/15/2016 02:22PM ● By John Gales

Eric Zipkin, President of Tradewind Aviation, has previously described the company's Pilatus PC-12 as "the Swiss Army Knife of airplanes." It’s a nod to the plane’s versatility: high climb and cruise speed, slow approach speed, short-field landing capability, and sheer durability. The plane was designed to operate in very hostile environments (Alaska's North Slope and Southern Africa's desert landing strips).

Adam Schaefer, Tradewind's Director of Operations, has just as pithy a description of Tradewind's other mainstay plane, the jet-engine, 7-passenger Citation CJ3: "Small jet package, big jet capability."

"The big thing for people to understand," he adds, "is that this plane has the same capabilities as a big airliner." read more see the Tradewind Aviation blog link here: