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Time to unclutter the entryway!

11/30/2016 09:40PM ● By John Gales

Need Help With Your Entryway?


Organizing your entryway or mudroom shouldn’t be a chore.  Consider what will be tossed and stored when the family walks through the door.  Don’t forget about your guests, they’ll need a place to put their coats and shoes as well.


To get started, think about your space or closet in sections.  To the right might be for hanging items such as coats. Baskets or bins are for scarves, hats and mittens, while shelving stores your baskets and books.  Back packs can hang from hooks secured inside or outside of the closet, keeping them off the wet floor.  Shoes and boots get placed in trays or on sturdy carpet to the left of the door so you’re actually able to open the door.


Now comes the organizing.

The first step is to go through everything you currently have in the entryway.  Keep only what you absolutely need.  When it comes to hats and mittens ask yourself, how many do you really wear at one time.  Next, when putting seasonal clothes in the closet such as a coat, take away the past season completely. 


Now step back, what can be put in a basket or box and stored up, down or behind your hanging items.  Scarves can be placed in a basket or hung vertically in a scarf hanger found in your local department store.   Another vertical space saving idea is to store mittens and hats in a cloth hanging shoe bag/rack. Thinking vertically with storage is easily overlooked.


If you have kids, color coding is fun and easy to do.  Using paint, ribbon or stickers make tags or labels to place on bins, baskets or shelving.  Keeping them unique and getting the kids involved will make it fun and will be easy to identify.


Tips provided by Vermont Custom Closets.  Vermont Custom Closets has a showroom in Williston and is the largest closet and storage solution company in Vermont.