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Do a little D.C.D. for the Holidays

12/11/2016 08:36AM ● By John Gales

Remember to do a little D.C.D. for the Holidays (Dust, Clean and Disinfect).  These are spaces that are easily overlooked but carry germs and piles of dust.  Best of all, these don’t take long to do.

Dust the top of your fridge
Clean the water and ice cube tray in your fridge
Disinfect wipe the handles on the fridge and faucets

Dust the top of the toilet tank
Clean tooth brush holder
Disinfect wipe handles on toilet

Dust your computer screen and lamp
Clean your desk
Disinfect wipe your mouse and keyboard

Dust the legs of your chairs and table
Clean your glass china hutch, cabinet, mirror
Disinfect wipe your light switches (with caution)

shoe-and-boot-tray-l-footwear-mit-schuhen-1MUDROOM / ENTRYWAY
Dust your furniture
Clean your shoe and boot tray
Disinfect wipe your door knobs

Dust your lamp shades
Clean your TV screen
Disinfect wipe your switches to your lamps and phone

Dust your jars and boxes in the back of the pantry
Clean your reusable laundry bags
Disinfect wipe your door handles, bottles

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