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5 Tips for Feeling Fabulous

04/09/2018 04:32AM ● By Family Features
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Everyone wants to look and feel healthy, and there are so many easy ways to improve your health. Whether you’re making simple changes to your diet, exercise regimen or stress management techniques, small steps can make a big impact.

Here are five tips from Sunsweet to help you feel fabulous every day:

  1. Partake in Regular Physical Activity

    Did you know that by taking the stairs instead of the escalator you’re burning five times as many calories? And regular physical activity not only revs up your metabolism, it helps promote digestive health. Participating in at least 30 minutes of a moderate-intensity aerobic activity, such as walking or yoga, each day can also help strengthen your bones, control your weight and reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers.

  1. Manage Fiber and Sugar Intake

    Fiber promotes digestive health, which is vital to overall health and disease prevention, and consuming sugar in moderation can lead to a more balanced diet and aid in prevention of weight gain and diseases, such as diabetes. Sunsweet has made it possible to increase fiber intake with fewer calories and less sugar, while still offering a light, delicious taste with beverages such as Amaz!n Prune Light Juice Cocktail. The juice cocktail is a good source of fiber with a mere 100 calories and 8 grams of sugar per serving.

  1. Do Something You Love

    Managing stress is a key element of overall health. Developing and using hobbies and passions as an escape is a good way to relieve stress. Find a way to do something for yourself every day, whether that’s playing a sport, reading, practicing art, playing a musical instrument, dancing or another activity that helps you find a release from the pressures and stress of everyday life.

  1. Snack on Something Healthy

    Instead of reaching for that bag of chips or those cookies, pick a snack with that provides many of the key vitamins and nutrients a healthy body needs, such as fresh fruit. The right fruit juice cocktail can also be a good mid-morning snack.  Made from a special variety of fresh, juicy plums, PlumSmart Light features 3 grams of fiber and 60 calories per serving, and has 60 percent fewer calories and sugar than other leading juice cocktails, which makes it a great alternative to full-sugar beverages.


  1. Take Breaks

    It’s important to take a step back from time to time to avoid burnout and stress. Getting away from your computer screen at work for even five minutes or taking a few minutes to yourself while the kids are napping by stretching, listening to some soothing music, taking a short walk or phoning a friend to catch up can be just what you need to get recharged for the tasks ahead.

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