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Best of Central Vermont

When Planning Meals, Think Frozen

Research from the Journal of Nutrition found that nearly 80 percent of Americans do not consume the recommended amounts of fruit, and nearly 90 percent do not eat the recommended amount of vegetables.

Holding On To Your Car

While driving a new vehicle off the lot may sound tempting, the financial commitment it brings is not an option for most families. Instead, hanging on to your old set of wheels is the smarter choice for a number of reasons.

One Woman’s Story: Living and Helping Others with Inherited Lung Disorder

Wheezing, shortness of breath and chronic bronchitis are often associated with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Finance Tips Every College Student Should Know

When the acceptance letter arrives from a college or university, it’s cause for celebration. But it’s also time to do some serious number crunching and take steps to mitigate potential education-related debt.

Tips for Cleaning, Preserving Your Car

Did you know that keeping your car clean can significantly help preserve its overall value?

Consumers Seek Benefits of Small Business

As shoppers grab their wallets and purses to purchase goods and products for their families and homes, many will opt for local businesses and mom and pop establishments instead of their big-box competitors.

Time-Saving Holiday Entertaining Tips

When entertaining guests this holiday season, the last thing you want to do is run around last-minute, prepping your table and cleaning.

Pop the Cork at Home This New Year's Eve

If you've thought staying home to celebrate New Year's Eve sounded like a great idea, you're not alone. According to a recent survey commissioned by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, this year, 61 percent of Americans who plan on celebrating New Year's Eve plan on celebrating at home.