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Best of Central Vermont


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Details: Warren Vermont’s Fourth of July Celebration

Warren, Vermont’s 70th Fourth of July Celebration features a down-home organic parade, a big street dance, and lots of great food and family fun.

The 2020 Deadline: What Will You Do With Your Food Scraps?

Under Act 148, the Universal Recycling & Composting Law, not only does this law make recycling mandatory statewide, it also states that food scraps will be banned from the landfill beginning on July 1, 2020.

Patent Medicine Advertising from The Vermont Historical Society [Gallery Extra]

The Vermont Historical Society has a wonderful collection of patent medicine and cure posters that show just how local and interesting cures for common health problems were handled.

Top 5 Needs of the Vermont Food Bank

Despite Vermont Foodbank’s many successes, the organization isn’t slowing down. Want to help? Check out the top 5 needs of the Vermont Foodbank.

How Do We Stay Connected With Our Community in the Face of Technological Change?

Brian Ostrovsky of Locable talks about how communities have become less personal as technology has evolved and what we must do to ensure we maintain our uniqueness in the face of change.

Stowe 4th of July [Gallery Extra]

Get a feel for the Stowe 4th of July celebration; a fun, old-fashioned day for all ages.

Meet The WDEV Staff & View Histroic Photos [Gallery Extra]

Since 1931 WDEV has covered Vermont and national news and sports like no other radio station. See more historic photos and some of the present day staff and station.

More Seaons Greetings from the Community

From our family to yours we wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season and pass along these good thoughts, wishes and tidings from the community! See if someone wished you a happy holidays!


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