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Do a little D.C.D. for the Holidays

Remember to do a little D.C.D. for the Holidays (Dust, Clean and Disinfect). These are spaces that are easily overlooked but carry germs and piles of dust. Best of all, these don’t take long to do.

Top 5 Fall Fitness & Health Habits

Staying in shape can get tough as the colder weather sets in. We've compiled 5 fitness habits you can develop this fall that will keep you motivated and healthy.

5 Hacks for Greener, Happier Living

Whether you take shorter showers, reduce food waste or make eco-minded choices at the grocery store, adopting one simple habit can make a difference in protecting Earth’s natural resources.

Steven DePalma Helps Veterans Struggling with PTSD [Video Extra]

Through the Veteran Barn Door project, Steven DePalma, brings the healing power of horses to other veterans struggling with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.

Beat Snack Attacks with a Handful of Almonds

The clock strikes 11 a.m. and the breakfast you had a few hours earlier isn’t keeping your stomach from growling, yet it’s too early for lunch. A snack, perhaps?

Weight Loss Tips for Real Life

Harley Pasternak, best-selling author and the go-to trainer for A-list stars, answers some common questions about how to lose weight – and the tools needed to keep it off.


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