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Shedding Light on the Working Forest - Art and Poetry by Kathleen Kolb & Verandah Porche

This project celebrates the landscape of the working forest and the voices of those who have honed skills into a livelihood there. Shedding Light draws on the artistic friendship of a painter and a poet who are committed to subjects that have been largely overlooked by the arts. Kathleen Kolb evokes what is solid, luminous, yet ephemeral in the scenes she gathers and painstakingly paints. She talks about how a moment of “emotional ignition” kindles a work of art. As a writing partner, Verandah Porche befriends, questions and listens, to unearth and preserve the poetry embedded in lived experience. She calls this process “finding the verse in conversation.”

Date & Time

Weekly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

10/05/2016 through 12/30/2016

8:00AM - 4:30PM

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