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Social Justice Exhibit at Goddard College

Galleries located at the Elliot Pratt Library

Goddard College presents two exhibits for their summer and fall season.The first –Social Justice in Race, Gender, Immigration, and the Environment is on exhibit in the Art Gallery on the main floor of the Pratt Center at Goddard College. The shows are on view from Friday, June 23 -Monday, October 9, 2017 with an Opening Reception on August 3 from 5:00 – 7:00pm. The galleries are located in the college's library building, they are open daily Monday- Friday, 9AM-4PM with extended hours during college residencies. Check for extended hours at: Each wall is devoted to one of four issue areas, with both 2- and 3-D artwork exploring each question from a variety of perspectives. The exhibit includes the following 22 Vermont artists working in a variety of media, including clay, paper, painting, stone, assemblage, metal, photography, and drawing. Exhibiting Artists: Susan Abbott, Mary Admasian, Terry J. Allen, Alexandra Bottinelli, Daryl Burtnett, Hasso Ewing, Kerry Furlani, Diane Gabriel, Jason Galligan-Baldwin, Ruth Hamilton, Maayan Kasimov, Melora Kennedy, Randee Lightcap, Kate Longmaid, Mark Lorah, Lynn S. Newcome, Lynne Reed, Leslie Roth, Michelle Saffran, Anne Sarcka, Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert, and Dana Walrath. Downstairs, TAKING IT TO THE STREET features a large selection of photographs of recent marches, vigils, and demonstrations by Terry J. Allen, displayed along with posters, banners, and signs from those events, loaned by local activists.