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Opening Reception for SiteTime

A new exhibit in the Vermont Arts Council's Sculpture Garden

Wood is an integral component of Vermont culture, as a job creator, the backdrop for our famous landscape, and a way to heat our homes. "SiteTime," the new show in the Council's Sculpture Garden, explores wood as an art form. Artists Erika Senft Miller, Nancy Winship Milliken, and Michael Zebrowski will work collaboratively to evolve the exhibit, taking cues from the natural aging process. Over two years, the three artists will create physical constructions, video and sound installations, artifacts, and event-based movement performances in response to the ongoing cordwood rhythm. A concrete sculpture by Justin Kenney will stand watch over the evolution. The first of the performances will take place during the opening. Simultaneously, there will be a closing celebration for "Connection," the show in the Spotlight Gallery.

Date & Time

October 6, 2017

4:00PM - 7:00PM