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Introduction to Natural Dyeing

Learn how to dye wool using plants and fungi

Kristen Judkins, fiber artist and shepherd of Gilead Fiber Farm in Bethel, VT, will be teaching this introductory workshop. Workshop will cover a lot of ground. What plants insects and fungi we can use? How to harvest and prepare for dyeing. Mordants…what they are, why and how we use them. Pre-mordant, mordant in the pot, post-mordant to alter color. Brief discussion about indigo…how to prepare and use. (this vat will be made in advance). Preparation of dye pots using cochineal, osage orange, madder root, goldenrod, black eyed Susan, jewel weed etc. Dye time – yarns and rovings into the pots. This is the fun part. Altering colors with additions to the dye pots, tin, iron, copper etc.

Date & Time

July 28, 2018

10:00AM - 4:00PM

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