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9th Annual Baked Beads/Expo Jewelry & Scarf Sale


Thursday & Friday, 10am-8pm

Saturday, 10am-5pm

75% less than retail -- $5 earrings, necklaces & bracelets, $25/3-scarves; tights, novelty socks, Blue Q pouches & more, hair accessories, hats, mittens & gloves, pashminas, beads

As designers and manufacturers of fashion jewelry, scarves and displays, Baked Beads is constantly introducing new collections to retailers around the country. Regardless of excellent projections, there are production overages and samples. Since 1992, Baked Beads has been combining this ever-changing inventory with other fashion accessories and gift items discovered in the wholesale world. It is this plethora of affordable style that overflows from bins at the various Jewelry & Scarf Sales, all priced significantly less than retail.

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