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Open House

School of Outrageous Shakespeare

SCHOOL OF OUTRAGEOUS SHAKESPEARE Making Shakespeare Fun at Free Workshop Come learn that Shakespeare can be fun, not what you remember from school. Join us for a free workshop on Wednesday, Jan 21, 2015. This event will be held at 7pm in Rhythm Hall on the 2nd floor of Building 5 at the Howe Center, Rutland, VT. The School of Outrageous Shakespeare (SoS) provides in depth training to enliven our everyday speech. You can learn to speak with a quality that will have people interested in hearing what you have to say, and perhaps, to want to know more of whom you are. To speak well, you need to stretch your vocabulary, diction, enunciation, grace, and even physical stature. In other words, poise, charm and panache! Another important dynamic is that of being fully alive in your body. We will work with movement, pulling aspects from Comedia del arte as a discipline, integrating hand and arm gestures, skeletal alignment, walking, eye contact, and voice production. Under Gary Meitrott’s direction, Shakespeare is not what you remember in high school. Meitrott believes that Shakespeare was meant to be seen and heard, not just read. He allows students to “become other”: to feel all of the emotions and personality of the character they are playing. Gary Meitrott, artistic director and co-founder of Shakespeare On Main Street is a former Broadway actor. He has been passionately immersed in Shakespeare’s work for many decades. However, the past decade has seen Gary delve further into understanding how to perform Shakespeare’s text. “My passion sets in motion joy, excitement and satisfaction to all that are drawn to acting. I create a safe environment for individuals to experiment with self-imposed boundaries.” The workshop is for ages 17 and up. For more information, call 802-282-2581, or log on to # # #

Date & Time

January 21, 2015

7:00PM - 9:00PM