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Dave Keller Band: Soul & Blues from Montpelier to Memphis

One of the finest blues and soul men of his generation, Dave Keller is a first-class singer, guitarist, and songwriter. He’s a seasoned performer, creating fun and inspiring experiences. His new CD, Soul Changes, earned a 2014 Blues Music Award Nomination for Best Soul/Blues Album. Keller has earned the respect of the torchbearers of the blues: recording and co-writing with legendary guitarist Ronnie Earl; touring regularly with Mississippi blues master Johnny Rawls; and spending many years as the protégé of soul/blues singer Mighty Sam McClain, who says, "He's for REAL!! Y'all check him out!!" He is performing with drummer Brett Hoffman, bass guitarist Gary Lofspeich, and keyboardist Ira Friedman. "Soul Changes (Keller’s sixth album, 2013) is, hands down, my favorite record of this year. Son of a gun, you've got pure soul running through your veins. This record swoops, hollers, makes me cry, makes me smile, and simply moves me." -- Brett Fleming, WEVL, Memphis, TN.