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Susan Werner

Called the empress of the unexpected by NPR, Susan Werner composes skillful songs that effortlessly slide between folk, jazz, and pop, all delivered with sassy wit and classic Midwestern charm. Throughout her expansive career, boundless versatility has emerged as a hallmark of Werner’s talent, and has proven to be a quintessential ingredient of her engrossing musical persona. Her latest CD, “Kicking The Beehive,” features Vince Gill, Keb’ Mo’ and Paul Franklin, features 11 of her songs that are provocative, lyrical, poignant and honest. She is the composer of the musical “Bull Durham” opening this fall on Broadway. “Susan Werner is that rarest of things – a composer who not only adheres to the traditions of the Great American Songbook, but also who adds great new songs to that Songbook with each project she writes. She’s one of the most exciting talents in the country.” - Michael Feinstein.