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Hidden Blueprints

The Art of Jeremy Lee MacKenzie

Everyone wants to experience life on their own terms. The artwork of Jeremy MacKenzie is a reflection of just that – even when time in prison gets in the way. While serving a total of eight years for bank robbery and drug trafficking, Jeremy drew the “blueprints” for the intricate carvings he planned to create upon his release. These drawings, comprised of many sheets of paper taped together, had to be kept secret or they would have been confiscated. He successfully kept the drawings hidden for years, until he brought them home and meticulously cut them in mahogany. Every piece is designed like a maze, cut so that all parts are interconnected. For Jeremy, “This was important to me…all of life is a giant maze disguised in the image of other things, people, doors, paths, journeys, and choices.” Jeremy is now an award-winning filmmaker and a full-time creative media major at Champlain College. Jeremy will speak about his work on Saturday, August 6th, followed by an Opening Reception.

Date & Time

Weekly on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

08/05/2016 through 08/21/2016

12:00PM - 5:00PM

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