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Some decorating tips....From Slate, on Church Street

06/02/2020 12:14PM ● By John Gales

Best of Burlington: 5 Design Tips 

The ‘Stay at Home’ order has kept us safe within the comfort of our own homes, but it has also given us the opportunity to reevaluate our home décor. That sofa you loved dearly twenty years ago might not be as beautiful as it once was, and unlike wine, cheap accent decor does not get better with age. The Slate team has put together five simple tips to help you reignite your love for your space. 

1. Move Your Art

Sometimes it as simple as moving things around. Relocating art can completely transform a room. It allows you to not only freshen up your space, but gives you the freedom to change your color scheme. 

2. Bring Life In

Don’t know what to do with an awkward corner or dull space? Bring in some green! Plants are a great way to breathe life into your space. They freshen up any area, and are the perfect addition to a tired space. 

3. Color Story 

Do not be afraid of color. Introducing color into a space completely changes the feel of a room. It is important to stick to one color story, for example, a blue and white color story. We love to have neutral base pieces so we can then add pattern and color in our smaller décor. 

4. Group of Three’s

When decorating a side table or book case, it is always a good idea to group things in three’s. It is intentional way to bring in balance without overwhelming your space. 

5. Books

Books are a great addition to any home. We love placing books on end tables and coffee table to make a room feel more cozy. If you have hardcover books at home, take the cover off to expose the spines. They look beautiful in a stack on your coffee table or nightstand.


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Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox